Available Equipment

Special Equipment

MagNA Pure LC2 Roche Diagnostics Automated Isolation of Nucleic Acids up to 32 samples TFA 00.01
MagNA Pure 96 Roche Diagnostics Automated Isolation of Nucleic Acids up to 96 samples TFA 00.01 More
Precellys 24 Bertin Instruments Tissue Homogenizer TFA 00.01 More (PDF, 2 MB)
CAS 1200 Corbett Lifescience (acquired by Qiagen) Pipetting robot TFA 00.01 More (PDF, 11 MB)
3 x ABI 7500 Fast Applied Biosystems (Thermo Fisher Scientific) Real-Time qPCR TFA 00.03
Rotor-Gene 6000 Corbett Lifescience (acquired by Qiagen) Real-Time qPCR TFA 00.03 More (PDF, 1 MB)
2 x T-Personal Cycler Biometra (now 

Analytik Jena)

PCR TFA 00.03  
T-gradient Cycler Biometra (now 

Analytik Jena)

PCR TFA 00.03  
EVOS® FL Auto Microscope Thermo Fisher Scientific automated, digital, inverted multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted light imaging system TFA 00.04A
Sorvall WX80+ Ultracentrifuge Thermo Scientific Ultracentrifuge TFA 00.04 More (PDF, 14 MB)
Lorrca® MaxSis Osmoscan RR Mechatronics

Laser Optical Rotational Red Cell Analyzer

TFA 00.06 More
EPOCH2TC BioTek Microplate Spectrophotometer (UV/VIS: 200-999 nm) TFA 00.08 More
SYNERGY H1  BioTek Multi-mode Microplate Reader (UV-Vis absorbance; Fluorescence intensity; Luminescence) TFA 00.08 More
Inverted microscope Motic Microscope for routine live cell inspection TFA 00.08 More (PDF, 105 KB)
NanoDrop 2000c Thermo Scientific DNA/RNA/Protein concentration TFA 00.20  
Qubit 4 Thermo Fisher Scientific Fluorometer (DNA/RNA/Protein concentration and quality control) TKL 01.08 More (PDF, 2 MB)
Fragment Analyzer Agilent DNA, gDNA and RNA quality control TKL 01.08 More (PDF, 2 MB)
Fusion Solo 6S EDGE V.070 Vilber Multipurpose imaging system (UV-VIS-Chemiluminescence and optional fluorescence imaging) TKL 01.08 More (PDF, 6 MB)
Ugenius3 Syngene Gel-documentation System TKL 01.08  

Furthermore each workplace/room is equipped with biosafety level 2 cabinets, a pipet set,
table top centrifuge, refrigerators, freezer, heat block and mixer.

For cell culture there are 3 sterile cabinets and 4 CO2-Incubators.
For further information, availability and use please contact the ZKS Lab Manager

Other core facilities:

Functional Genomics Center Zurich (FGCZ)

Laboratory for Animal Model Pathology (LAMP)

UZH "Shared equipment" database